In 2007, Picturehouse staff at The Ritzy cinema in Brixton began a campaign for a Living Wage.

In 2014, following 13 high-profile strikes through our union, BECTU, the Ritzy staff gained a 26% pay rise and an agreement with Picturehouse Cinemas (owned by Cineworld) to re-negotiate towards the London Living Wage in June 2016. The company back-tracked on this and have refused to negotiate in any way.

Since then we’ve grown exponentially, with workers at Hackney and Crouch End Picturehouse, Picturehouse Central, and the Duke Of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton joining the campaign. At these cinemas the company has repeatedly refused to acknowledge BECTU - now a sector of Prospect. Instead, Picturehouse recognise the Staff Forum, a union set up and funded by Picturehouse themselves. Seeing no other option, workers have united with the Ritzy in taking industrial action.

In February 2017, after many months of campaigning and over 20 strike days, we officially called for a boycott of all Picturehouse and Cineworld Cinemas until they agree to meaningfully discuss our requests for:

Cineworld made £83.8 million profit in 2015 yet they refuse to meet the reasonable requests of their staff. Picturehouse pitch themselves as an ethical business hosting independent films and selling Fairtrade goods. All we ask is that they complete the package and treat their staff fairly.